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I'm a father to 2 adorable children, my daughter Payton and son Holden.  In my spare time, I love being creative, specifically painting and drawing. I've been an artist and athlete all my life. I've played multiple sports growing up but the sport I've dedicated most of my time to, is Soccer. In my youth, I got to play semi-pro and travelled to Europe to the play for the U17 national team. That competitive focus then turned to lifting weights and bodybuilding, bringing me right where I am today. Sharing that passion with you.  I enjoy competing in body building shows and have competed in over 9 shows in my career. On some occasions, you might find me doing stand-up comedy. We gotta laugh along the way. I believe connecting with people through different experiences is what this journey is about. Life is short and we're here to learn, grow and enjoy this human experience. Thank you for being here with me.

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